Monday, 16 February 2009

Around Uganda in 15 hours (8 of which spent asleep)

Mosquito bites: 0 (have had to face the fact that I'm just not that attractive to African mosquitoes)

Number of times inwardly cursed Kenya Airlines: 453

Well, our trip to Uganda didn't go exactly according to plan...Despite arriving early for our flight we were told that the plane had been overbooked and that we’d have to wait five hours for the next flight. Considering we already had less than 24 hours to spend in the country and would miss the hospital project visit, it was a bit of a blow to say the least.

However, such is life – there was nothing we could do about it so wait the five hours we did. The airline cafe treated us to a free breakfast of some fried eggs which didn’t seem to contain any yolk and a few sad looking chips, while blasting out 90’s British pop. Mariah Carey seems to be a particular favourite in Kenyan hotels and airports, although not so much with Cliff and Martin (or mild fans Rachel and I by the end of the trip for that matter).

As we touched down to Entebbe airport, I was immediately struck by the contrast to Nairobi, which seems so dry and dusty. Even from the air you could see how green Uganda was, and in the hour’s drive back to the hotel I marvelled at the utter beauty and lushness of the landscape. Although the car journey and inside of the hotel was all we got to see of the country, my curiosity has definitely been piqued and I hope to return some day for a holiday.

Luckily no disasters befell us on the way home – flight was on time, managed to fit a couple of films in and there wasn’t a plastic roll in sight (got to love good old BA).

Trip conclusions coming soon…

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